2018 Art & About Business participation Application

We're changing things up at Art & About for 2018!

Instead of placing artists/musicians in each business, we will place groups of 5-6 artists/performers around the Downtown District. This set-up will encourage event goers to walk from pod to pod and shop along the way.

We are also working to upgrade the quality of work and expect that some of the fine artists may have their booths open all day. Music and performance art will start at 5 pm. The evening hours of the event will be 5 pm - 9 pm. We will offer free shuttle rides to move people from 12 Mile to Coolidge and back.

We are asking our businesses to stay open until 9 pm as an added attraction for drawing people into the district. You will need to provide beverages and munchies for event goers; it is also recommended you feature an in-store special (perhaps has an artsy theme)?

Please complete the required fields below. In order to be assured of inclusion in promotional materials, you must submit your information three weeks prior to the date of the event.

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