The Downtown Berkley Better Life Bag Story

Downtown Berkley Bag_small.jpg

In 2017, the Berkley Downtown Development Authority's (DDA) Board of Directors made the commitment to locally source the products purchased for DDA events and promotions in an effort to "Walk its Talk" of supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs in Berkley and across Metro-Detroit.

These bags are a result of that goal. We believe you can't get more local or socially responsible. Why? Because this lovely bag was made by Better Life Bags in Hamtramck, a small company that employs women who have significant barriers to employment; it was supported in part with a grant from Citizens Bank of Michigan; the artwork for our branded Downtown Berkley bag was donated by one of Detroit's best-known street artists, Malt, who painted the full mural as part of

the DDA's mural program on Elwin's Bakery in 2017; and, finally, the bag was screen-printed by Armadillo Printwear, a Downtown Berkley business.What is the most exciting part for us? The DDA's purchase of 1,000 bags will give 300 hours of additional work to the women at Better Life Bags who are making them.

In addition to a branded Downtown Berkley bag, we will be able to customize bags for DDA signature events such as Ladies Night Out and MerriMonth. When you purchase this bag, you will know that you've had a hand in growing our local economy and supporting women who have significant barriers to employment.

The Downtown Berkley bags will be available at many of our retailers throughout the DDA District. Your purchase of this bag will aid the DDA's efforts to continue this program from year to year; all money made will go back into a dedicated DDA account to fund more bags in the future.

We hope you are as excited about this project as we are!