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Session #1 - Business Operations - Monday, 2/19
Session Description: Retailers today are pressed like never before. More to do with less people to do it is the norm across many retail store landscapes. So how can you (and should you) take some critical time each week to ensure that your efforts are paying off and that your business in on the right track to sales and profitability this year and every year. This seminar offers a plan for retailers to review, repair and re-strategize their business each week based on a 30-minute business review plan. We’ll share how taking the time to track key elements in your business can- and will - save you money and improve your performance- in 30 just minutes! Join us and learn why 30 minutes of review can save you hours of heartache later for your retail business.
Session #2 - Visual Merchandising - Tuesday, 2/20
Attracting customers to your store is hard enough in today’s challenging retail marketplace. Engaging shoppers and enticing them to stay and shop in your store is an even bigger challenge. Studies show that retailers have 20 seconds to “impress” their potential customers and entice them to shop. Are you making the most of these critical moments? Learn how to improve your customers “first impression” of your store. From your logo, to your ad copy, to your website's visual appeal, the front door curb appeal, and window displays, this seminar will offer take-away tips to help improve your visual performance at every level. Key lessons will include: • 20 and out; how to use visual displays to attract and retain customers in less than 20 seconds • Look and Touch; how to use interactive visual displays to showcase products effectively and help build positive customer encounters at your store.
Session #3 - Digital Marketing - Wednesday, 2/21
Using social media posts, ads and social media engagement programs to build long-term loyalty with your Retail store customers From Detroit to Dallas -- from ages 22 to 72 – YOUR stores’ customers are using social media daily. The question is – are they finding your business when they are browsing online? If the answer is no – or not on a regular basis- then this is a must attend seminar for you. We’re breaking down the myths and sharing the must-dos to make your social media posts work to gain loyalty – and sales from your customers – from today on! During this session, we’ll share key demographics about consumers today and how they are using social media early and often as they seek to form relationships with retail brands. Then we’ll take the rest of the session to share ideas that will help you create content and reach every customer who is looking- or who might be interested in shopping at your Retail store.