committee structure and vOLUNTEER opportunities

The Berkley DDA's downtown revitalization efforts will rely on the four-point approach developed by the National Main Street Center, an affiliate of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

By combining the key elements of Organization & Development, Business Improvement, Design, and Promotion into a practical management strategy, the Berkley DDA will able to make a visible difference in the downtown districts. More than an economic asset, these districts are the historic meeting places of our community. They help define our identity and give people a sense of belonging and pride.

In order to be successful in this approach, volunteer efforts will be critical.

Volunteers may include many individuals and groups from throughout the community or even surrounding communities. Each of the following volunteer committees has a particular focus and all share the common goal of strong downtown business districts.

As ambassadors for the program, volunteers help increase public awareness and build the image of a quality organization. As a committee member, volunteers are asked to publicly and privately support all facets of the DDA programs, including its Tax Increment Funding sources. The Berkley DDA is always open to ideas for improvement.

The Four Committees

The primary responsibilities of the BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT COMMITTEE is to develop and implement a market strategy that will result in an improved business mix, a stronger tax base, increased investor confidence, and a stable role for the DDA district as a major component of community economic health.


  • Work to strengthen existing downtown businesses and recruit additional businesses by developing and implementing programs, seminars and literature

  • Monitor changes in the local market on an ongoing basis, assess downtown market share, measure the involvement of various groups in downtown commerce, monitor sales leakage or surplus and assess the downtown mix of retail, commercial, residential, recreational and civic space

  • Direct activity as it related to downtown commercial and real estate development

  • Conduct and maintain a thorough inventory of downtown properties

  • Become familiar with city, county and regional economic development strategies and coordinate projects when possible

The primary responsibility of the DESIGN COMMITTEE is to create an attractive, coordinated and high quality image capitalizing on all aspects of design that affect the downtown’s image, unique assets, heritage and distinct
aesthetic character.


  • Responsible for design improvement activity relating to building maintenance and rehabilitation, historic preservation, new construction, public and private signs, public improvements, traffic, parking, and landscaping

  • Monitor local ordinances and regulation affecting downtown design issues and work toward developing a supportive environment for downtown revitalization

  • Help to oversee the Design Guidelines process

  • Establish and administer a review and approval process for Public Art and murals in the district

  • Over see the Facade Grant program

The primary responsibility of the ORGANIZATION & DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE is to recruit new members for the board and committees, recruit volunteers for special projects and guide the process of creating a 501(c)3 partner organization in order to guarantee the longevity of Berkley's downtown revitalization efforts.


  • Assist the committees in recruiting new board and committee members

  • Promote the development of a strong volunteer network within the program and encourage leadership development

  • Provide training and orientation for all new board and committee members

  • Build partnerships among groups with a stake in the community

  • Help build financial strength by participating in sponsorship & grant requests and other fundraising activities

The primary responsibility of the MARKETING & PROMOTIONS COMMITTEE is to create a unified marketing plan and to direct implementation of a total marketing program that fosters a quality image of the downtown as a center for business investment, shopping, services, and entertainment. Committee responsibilities include marketing plan development and maintenance, communications and public relations support, image and special event implementation, and retail promotion support.


  • Develop and implement a broad-based marketing plan that is reviewed annually and revised appropriately

  • Develop and oversee image events and retail promotions to support marketing goals and to build positive attitudes about downtown

  • Work to ensure a consistent, high-quality image in all promotions, events, and support materials related to marketing downtown

  • Publish regular updates for property and business owners, city officials, volunteers, opinion leaders and interested community members

For more information on how you can join, please email our Executive Director, Vivian Carmody.

We can't wait to have you join us on this exciting new journey!

Are you a senior looking to volunteer? We’d love to have you on our team. Follow this link to find out about the benefits of volunteering from the National Council for Aging Care.